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Semi-sad but exciting-for-me announcement: Temerity Dogs will no longer be taking private clients starting January 2019.

I love private clients, and I think I learn the most from working one-on-one with people and their dogs. It’s where my most rewarding relationships grow and how I get to really know a team.

BUT. I am also a professional fiction writer! And, long-term, I want to Be A Writer forever. I will always train dogs, but I may or may not do it for the cash moneys. Solidifying this long-term goal has helped me focus on what I need to do to get there, and as a result, I’m stepping back a bit from my training business.

I’ll still be teaching Parkour and Agility Foundations at UCLA dogs, and co-teaching play groups there as well.

It’s been so hard to refer clients out. Even though TD has only been a major part of my life for two years, it’s been such a significant time of growth for me, and I feel so, so good about the dog trainer I’ve become in this time.

And of course, this just happens to coincide with my certification CPDT-KA AND as a certified parkour instructor for IDPkA. We’ll just call those bonus learning opportunities I picked up along the way.

Thank you all so much for your trust, support and for helping me along a career path I dreamed of my whole life!