Classes & Training

Fridays at University Canine Learning Academy in the University District:

To reserve your spot in one of these classes, please proceed to the UCLA Dogs website class calendar

  • Agility Foundations: runs for six sessions. $225. Whether you want to compete or just play with your dog, this class is a great place to start! Our focus will be on making sure your dog understands the *foundations* of agility obstacles, so that when you attempt full-sized equipment they’ll be confident, happy and fast!
  • Parkour Elements: runs for six sessions. $200. Parkour is a game that’s fun for any dog, any time. Building confidence, teaching focus, getting your pup moving and thinking–it’s great for crazy AND timid dogs, young and old. Everyone has a blast! Learn more about Dog Parkour here.
  • Trail Dog: Forthcoming in summer 2019. Do you like hiking with your dog but get tired of pulling, worry about encounters with wildlife, or your buddy putting his muddy paws on every friendly human he sees? Have you ever passed one of those amazing off-leash dogs on a hike and wondered, why isn’t my dog like that? Take your trail skills to the next level with this class, where you and your dog will learn how to navigate the Pacific Northwest wilderness with panache.
  • Tricks and Stunt Dog: Forthcoming summer 2019. In this class you’ll teach your dog tricks that impress! We’ll move beyond the lure and work on shaping and capturing behaviors, train a station behavior like real performing dogs use, and create a tricks performance. At the end of this class you’ll be ready to test for the DMWYD Trick Dog Novice level!