Every dog is different! I focus on individual needs to help you and your pup work together.

My specialties and interests:

  • Helping wild, energetic dogs focus on their people
  • Teaching manners and communicating expectations to our dogs so they know how to navigate our strange society
  • Giving people tools to enrich their dogs’ lives and therefore decrease destructive, annoying and reactive behaviors
  • Bringing timid dogs out of their shell to engage with the world and maybe have a little more fun out there

Available services include

…but are not limited to (meaning if you need help with something else, please send me an email at…

Manners & the Basics: 6 45-minute sessions for $250

Whether you have a new puppy or you’ve adopted an older dog, we’ll make sure you and your dog know how to communicate with each other. Obedience and manners are covered as well as problem solving.

Private Dog Parkour Practice: 4 45-minute sessions for $200

Start learning this EXTREMELY fun sport from the very basics, or hone some skills you’re having trouble with. I am also available to assist with consulting on and filming for IDPKA title submissions.

Initial Pooch Offering: $45/hour, in-person or remote

There are so many options–how do you start? What’s the best breed or mix for you and your family? How do you know the rescue dog you’re looking at is a good fit? Or perhaps you already have some pets and need to make sure your next dog is the right match. I can help, including visiting breeders, litters and shelters to find your new companion.

Agility Foundations: 4 45-minute sessions for $200

Want to try agility but not sure what skills your dog or puppy needs to start? We will introduce your team to impulse control and focus games and teach them about jumps and tunnels (the best part!).

Daytime Walk & Train: 60 minutes for $50

Limited availability for existing clients.

Group Class Schedule @ University Canine Learning Academy in the U-District

  • Agility Foundations: Whether you want to compete or just play with your dog, this class is a great place to start! Our focus will be on making sure your dog understands the *foundations* of agility obstacles, so that when you attempt full-sized equipment they’ll be confident, happy and fast!
  • Parkour Elements: Parkour is a game that’s fun for any dog, any time. Building confidence, teaching focus, getting your pup moving and thinking–it’s great for crazy AND timid dogs, young and old. Everyone has a blast! Learn more about Dog Parkour here.


Contact me at or 206.499.8656 with any questions. I’m always happy to chat about where we might start!