My Dog is Kali, Destroyer of Worlds

Powerful chewers are hard to satisfy. They chew through interactive food toys, try to eat chunks of things that aren’t food, and make short work of bully sticks and antlers.

If you’re afraid to buy a food toy because you think your dog will chew a piece off of it, rendering your investment obsolete, focus instead on interactive meals that don’t require containment. Beyond the bowl is a great place to start. Nosework and some foraging games engage other instincts besides your dog’s chewing drive. Hiding food in boxes and other disposable items means it doesn’t matter if your dog destroys the container. Try food scatters in different environments, and put obstacles like empty boxes and light towels in their way. Something like the Lunch Box or a snuffle mat can keep your dog busy, as long as you supervise to make sure they don’t eat the box or mat in addition to their meal.

Raw bones are a great option for very powerful chewers.