Is Your Dog Going To Explode?

622638cf8fbd02fea6b5f64f1c1c0c1fOlder puppies–and a lot of adult dogs, too–have so much energy sometimes it seems like they might burst. It’s hard to imagine they’ll ever fit in with a world that asks them to behave with quiet dignity, especially if you want to preserve their joyful attitude. Good news—it can be done! With some patience, the right mindset and some useful games, you and your crazy pup can work together instead of against each other.


My class at Four Paw Sports teaches impulse control games, recalls, and how to engage your dog. Ever heard “your dog needs a job?” Don’t despair–you don’t need to go out and buy a herd of sheep! We’ll come up with jobs your dog can do in the real world, like tricks and urban agility. This class will also give you plenty of ideas to keep your dog busy on those rainy days when you think you’ll both go a little crazy.


This class is appropriate for exuberant puppies over six months and any dog-and-person combo that need help figuring out what to do with excess enthusiasm. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on Wild Thing! or email me at for more info!

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